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    That moment when the last flash of sun dips behind the mountains as it's set. The weightless feeling of floating on your back in your favorite lake. Crossing the finish line of your first half marathon. Getting your hands dirty baking that family recipe with grandma. Reading your baby her f... View Post
  • "you should tell your story more."

    Someone told me last week - "you should tell your story more." I don't tell my FULL story too often, for fear of oversharing / thinking you guys don't care. (which maybe I am + maybe you don't )  So, here it is. I'm Savannah. The owner of Mint Jewelry co. I am 22 years old. I started my own compa... View Post
  • More life, Less rush.

    “Once she stopped rushing through life she realized how much more life she had time for.” What makes your heart race? What are you passionate about? What do you do, for you? Last Tuesday we decided- who says adventures can only happen on the weekends? Who made that rule? (dumb rule) We got in... View Post