DIY propagating succulents

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Succulents. I can't decide if I love their aesthetic OR the way that I can't seem to kill them more. EITHER WAY, if you're anything like me you can't get enough of these juicy little plants. This DIY blog post will teach you how to grow a succulent... FROM a succulent! 

Step 1: Choose the succulent plant you want to propagate. 


Step 2: Locate a leaf, tear it off - OR cut at the base of the succulent. 


Step 3: Set the leaf flat down on the soil. Don't bury it- don't get soil on the end where you ripped off the leaf. The new succulent will start growing roots after the end dries up. If dirt get's into the end the leaf will soak up dirt and die. So even though it feels like you're doing something wrong, just set it right ontop of the dirt! If you cut the succulent, Just plant the part you cut off! 


Step 4: Wait for it to grow! The new succulent will grow straight out of the leave you set on the dirt. If you cut from the base of the succulent, a new plant will grow from the part you cut off - but also the stem where you cut from will grow an entire NEW succulent too! 

Thanks for reading! Enjoy your plants. 


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