How to wrap your leather bolo necklace

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OK we all know that the leather bolo tie necklace is making a major splash in our fashion world. We all love them, let's be honest! ...But do we all know how to wear them? The best part of this heavenly boho accessory is it's versatility! We wanted to make sure you Mint girls know exactly how to get the most out of yours. 
1.) Single wrap + knot around your neck.
This version is by far the most popular, and for good reason!
I mean, just look at it! (insert heart eyes emoji here)
2.) Double wrap + tie.
I'm going to be honest- when we were tying Amanda up here with this version of the necklace, we were skeptical. We thought- this seems funny. We went for it though, and it paid off. It's SO CUTE! You've got to try it. Just try it. Tell me you don't like it. I dare you.
3.) Around the wrist.
I mean, really?! We can't get enough of this look as a bracelet too! Just wrap it as many times as it will fit on your wrist and tie her off! Amaze. 
Shop the look here. 

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