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That moment when the last flash of sun dips behind the mountains as it's set.

The weightless feeling of floating on your back in your favorite lake.

Crossing the finish line of your first half marathon. Getting your hands dirty baking that family recipe with grandma.

Reading your baby her favorite bedtime story while she sits on your lap.

Furiously paddling into that perfect wave.

Boarding 3 different flights in one day to reach your destination.

Binge watching Gilmore Girls with your best friends.


Wherever YOUR adventure takes you.

We'll be there too.

As a reminder To cherish the wild.

The wild around you.


The wild in you.


The moments you live for. And the jewelry you live in.

Jewelry that is as wild as you are.


Recycled metals. Ethically sourced stones. And a tree is planted with each order.


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