Mint jewelry is a conscious, bohemian jewelry line inspired by the earth and the art of slow living. Each collection is made with the highest quality metals and semi- precious stones for the free-spirited, soulful woman who desires adornment that symbolizes freedom, empowerment and our deeper connection to the natural world.

our ethos

we believe that humanity and nature are deeply interconnected. Mint jewelry is a symbol of this deeper bond. Each handmade piece embodies the philosophy of being one with nature. A reminder that we are not human doings but human beings that deserve to slow down and re-connect with ourselves, our community and the earth.


As mint jewelry has grown, we have stayed mindful of our impact on the earth, utilizing recycled metals and ethically sourced stones. We are deeply committed to our personal responsibility to preserve nature by reducing our environmental impact through creating minimal waste, we continue our sustainable practices each season.