we are a husband + wife team based in Oregon.

Nothing we deliver to you is mass produced. We hand-make your piece to order, selecting stones, texturing metals, wire-wrapping, and stamping - all by the hands of our small and talented production team. It can be a meticulous process, but what you end up with is the exact design from our product page - with stones and texture that literally no-one else has.

 Today, the world is all about instant gratification.  Yet, one thing will never change: real, unique experiences take time + dedication. 

 This is the same approach we take with our company.

How we design our pieces - all the way from naming them, their look and feel, how they’re packaged to arrive, to how we take care of our Mint community, is reflected in this outlook, philosophy, and approach.  


 We’re excited to share our creations with you. We know you’ll be excited too.