Today, the world is all about instant gratification. Staring at screens instead of nature. Scrolling past someone else’s adventure instead of creating your own. 
Yeah, this is undeniably part of life today - and it has a lot of benefits. 


Yet, one thing will never change: real, unique experiences take time - they take dedication. 


This approach is the same approach we take with our company: we live where we live - and do what we do - because we love it. We work to support the enjoyment and care of this planet we call home in our day-to-day lives (did you know we plant one tree with the National Forest Foundation with every order placed?). 


How we design our pieces - all the way from naming them, their look and feel, how they’re packaged to arrive, to how we take care of our Mint community, is reflected in our outlook, philosophy, and approach. 


Each and every piece is handcrafted individually by our small team when you order. 


No, this doesn’t nurture the idea of an instant experience for you. You won’t receive your piece the day before you knew you wanted it.


Something else that’s undeniably rare in the fast pace of today's world emerges instead. What you’ll end up with is a piece with style that is undeniably Mint - but also, a piece that literally no-one else has. From the stones, down to hammer texture, your piece is a creation of its own. 


We’re excited to share our creations with you. We know you’ll be excited too.