Our Story

Mint Jewelry Co. is an Oregon based brand, located in beautiful Bend. The name is meant to convey an ideal of pristine, unblemished beauty. Drawing natural elegance from metals and semi-precious stones is what encompasses Mint Jewelry Co. as a brand, and sharing that vision with you is our goal.  

Mint Jewelry Co. was founded in 2014 by, and is the vision of Savannah Blake. With the help of her husband Ryan, her ardor for raw design in nature was able to take form and grow. A well traveled woman born in the Pacific Northwest, it is naturally a part of Savannah's spirit to utilize her creative passion drawn from nature in all her designs - while taking care of this planet we call home.

Our Mission

There is beauty inside every single one of us - charm and grace that we may not even see ourselves. Savannah's goal with Mint Jewelry Co. is to inspire and discover that natural beauty - and help it to unfold and flourish. 

We use all recycled materials in our designs, and always reuse or recycle leftover materials. After all - there is plenty of beauty to go around without waste.