our company

Mint Jewelry Co. is an Oregon based brand, located in beautiful Bend, OR. Mint Jewelry co. was founded in 2014 by Savannah Blake + her husband Ryan.

They started working out of their bedroom office in the evenings. Ryan building their first website + marketing campaign, and Savannah hand-making every single piece of jewelry from her heart + soul. 

Fast forward to now- They've grown their part-time passion into a full time job. They've grown Mint jewelry co. from a home-office brand into a team of 6 operating out of their Bend, OR showroom. 

Mint Jewelry co. uses recycled metals, and ethically sourced stones. 

We handcraft one of a kind hand stamped personalized jewelry. Due to the handmade nature of each piece of jewelry - they will all have a SLIGHT variation.

We do not use an engraving machine- each letter you see on our jewelry we've imprinted one by one.

"There is beauty inside every single one of us - charm and grace that we may not even see ourselves. My goal with Mint Jewelry Co. is to inspire you to discover that natural beauty - and help it to unfold and flourish. We can all be THAT girl." -Savannah Blake, owner + designer.